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As Session Ends, Brewery Bill, Marijuana Concerns, On The Mind Of Area's Legislators

By John Bleiweis

The approval of legislation that will allow a Guinness brewery and tourist attraction in Relay and concern about the state's medical marijuana licensing system were among top issues facing Catonsville and Arbutus area legislators as the 2017 Maryland General Assembly came to a close this week.

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Maryland Legislation Would See Task Force Study Police Use Of Facial Recognition

By Justin Lee

April 10, 2017 - A bill passed in the Maryland House of Delegates and currently under consideration by a Senate committee would see a task force formed to study police use of surveillance technologies, such as facial recognition software, according to a report by Capital News Service.

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Legislation Creates Task Force To Study Surveillance Tactics

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — A bill making its way through the Maryland legislature would create a taskforce to study police use of surveillance technologies, such as facial recognition software.

The bill, HB 1065, establishing the Task Force to Study Law Enforcement Surveillance Technologies, passed in the Maryland House and is now under consideration by a Senate committee.

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Annapolis stingray hearing offers rare glimpse at how police track cellphones

By Stephen Babcock

Privacy advocates from the ACLU and other organizations have raised concerns about the Baltimore Police Department’s use of the stingray device and the secrecy that surrounds it. So in a rare turn of events last week, an Annapolis hearing room became a venue for law enforcement to publicly speak about the illicit gathering of cellphone data.


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Police, Civil Libertarians Clash Over Curbs on "Stingray" Cellphone Tracking

By Michael Dresser, Baltimore Sun

Law enforcement officials and civil libertarians debated a bill Thursday that would limit how police use a tracking device that can locate a cellphone — and its user — to within six feet.

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Baltimore County Police Consider Body Cameras

By John Rydell

Baltimore County Police are exploring whether its patrol officers should be equipped with body cameras.

In the wake of a series of highly publicized police involved shootings around the country, Baltimore County is one of many local jurisdictions studying the feasibility of utilizing the tiny cameras.

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New Wiretapping Law May Not Affect Balto. County Policing

By: Linda Dorsey-Walker Special to the AFRO

This year freshman Del. Charles Sydnor III (Baltimore County – 44B),  sponsored HB 533, the Public Safety – Law Enforcement Officers – Body–Worn Digital Recording Device and Electronic Control Device bill, which revised the existing wiretapping law, which had stood in the way of implementing body cameras by Maryland law enforcement officers.

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Kamenetz Thanks Governor for Signing Baltimore County’s Statewide Police Body Camera Bill

By: Baltimore County Now, News You Can Use

Police Training Commission to Develop Policy and Procedures

County Executive Kevin Kamenetz expressed his appreciation to Governor Larry Hogan for signing SB 482/HB 533, which was sponsored on behalf of the Kamenetz Administration to clarify issues relating to the County’s proposed use of cameras on police officers and Taser weapons.

“Under Maryland’s existing wiretap law,” said Kamenetz, “there was some concern whether our cameras could record audio without being in conflict of the state’s two-party consent rule. With this Bill, it clarifies that a police officer may utilize both video and audio in the course of official police duties. While there are still some details to be resolved as a result of late amendments to the Bill, we appreciate that the Governor signed this important measure into law. We are grateful as well to our County delegation members, and particularly Delegate Charles Sydnor and Senator Kathy Klausmeier for sponsoring this bill on our behalf.”

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Governor supports body camera bill

Kent County News

Gov. Larry Hogan was expected to sign several law enforcement bills into law Tuesday, April 28 including a measure that allows police officers to record audio and video with a body camera or other device.

The legislation allows police officers to use a ‘body-worn digital recording device” or an “electronic control device,” such as a Taser with recording capabilities, to record oral communications with the public.

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General Assembly's Proposed Reforms Focus on Police Conduct, Drug Crime Sentencing

Capital News Service

ANNAPOLIS — The Maryland General Assembly responded in this year’s legislative session to public concern about police misconduct, drug crime, domestic violence and more.

Police conduct

Freddie Gray’s death Sunday after Baltimore police arrested him April 12 is just the latest in a series of incidents in Maryland and around the nation that have sparked outrage over law enforcement officers’ interactions with citizens.

House Judiciary Committee Vice Chair Kathleen Dumais, D-Montgomery, said more than 400 witnesses came to Annapolis to testify on more than a dozen law enforcement bills.

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