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Delegate Unveils Marker In Catonsville To Highlight Initial Efforts To Desegregate Baltimore County Schools

Catonsville Elementary School was quite different in the early 1930s. For one, the elementary school was a high school, and, in the age of segregation, black students were forbidden to attend.

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For The Culture w/ Farajii:4-15-2019


Bill Eliminates Subjectivity Surrounding Threats Of Mass Violence

ANNAPOLIS, Maryland — Emergency legislation that would streamline penalties for those convicted of threats of mass violence — brought about by an increase in threats of mass shootings made in recent years — has passed the Maryland Senate and is advancing in the state House.

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No One Is Safeguarding Your DNA

The growing popularity of consumer DNA testing has helped law enforcement make arrests in decades-old crimes that would otherwise have remained cold cases.

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Maryland House Bill Seeks To Prohibit Using Familial DNA Databases To Solve Crime

After police used a new technique to arrest a man suspected of being the Golden State Killer, a Maryland legislator proposed a law that would prohibit use of a familial DNA database for the purpose of crime-solving.

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Maryland Bill That Would Conceal Identities Of Juveniles Charged As Adults Gains Traction

The Maryland Senate is weighing legislation that would shield from the public the names and photographs of youths who are criminally charged as adults until a judge has determined whether the case should be moved to juvenile court.

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Should Cops Use Family Tree Forensics? Maryland Isn’t So Sure

As genetic genealogy gains momentum, one state considers barring police departments from using public DNA databases in criminal cases.

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As Session Ends, Brewery Bill, Marijuana Concerns, On The Mind Of Area's Legislators

By John Bleiweis

The approval of legislation that will allow a Guinness brewery and tourist attraction in Relay and concern about the state's medical marijuana licensing system were among top issues facing Catonsville and Arbutus area legislators as the 2017 Maryland General Assembly came to a close this week.

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Maryland Legislation Would See Task Force Study Police Use Of Facial Recognition

By Justin Lee

April 10, 2017 - A bill passed in the Maryland House of Delegates and currently under consideration by a Senate committee would see a task force formed to study police use of surveillance technologies, such as facial recognition software, according to a report by Capital News Service.

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Legislation Creates Task Force To Study Surveillance Tactics

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — A bill making its way through the Maryland legislature would create a taskforce to study police use of surveillance technologies, such as facial recognition software.

The bill, HB 1065, establishing the Task Force to Study Law Enforcement Surveillance Technologies, passed in the Maryland House and is now under consideration by a Senate committee.

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