In Remembrance Of Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz

sydnor-in-memoriam.pngFour years ago when I made the decision to run for the House of Delegates, Senator Delores Kelley reached out to the County Executive, Kevin Kamenetz, and urged him to support my run for office. The County Executive and I had a couple of meetings where we discovered that we had a few things in common. Kevin and I were both attorneys. We both supported our Baltimore Orioles. And we both were alumni of Johns Hopkins University. I think it was this last commonality that we bonded over. Well, Kevin ultimately supported my campaign, and I was successful. That morning when I was sworn in, he offered his congratulations to me and took a moment to pose for a photo with Myra and our girls.

As County Executive, Kevin was term-limited and he set his goal on becoming Maryland’s next Governor. Unfortunately, with the Democratic Primary just weeks away, Kevin left us and was unable to complete his effort to become our next Governor. Campaigns can take a toll on candidates and their families; but many of us do it because we care about our communities. Kevin cared and tried to do what he could as a county councilman and our county executive. Just as recently as a couple weeks ago, we spoke about some of his accomplishments here in Baltimore County.

The area I think he was most proud of was his support of our public schools. Under his administration and through his work with the school system, the achievement gap between black and white students was eradicated in Baltimore County! Last week we celebrated his life and the service he provided us all. And what a fitting tribute it was. While he and his work will be missed, there is no doubt that he left a legacy that we should all be proud of.