MD14: Sydnor Joins Nathan-Pulliam Ticket

By Doni Glover

Baltimore County part of new 44th just got real!

(CATONSVILLE – May 25, 2014) – There was no parade with a marching band. There was no music, but the rippling effects of the welcoming of Attorney Charles Sydnor to the Shirley Nathan-Pulliam ticket in the new 44th districts means a tenuous battle for the new 44B segment of the new 44th.

This is the 2/3rds county-city district that was once 100% inside Baltimore City.


It is a district that has been represented by the likes of Clarence Mitchell, III, Clarence Mitchell, IV, Ruth Kirk, the John Jeffries, and Jeffrey Paige. They have all gone on to glory.

Larry Young, the WOLB Morning Show host, once represented the 44th also.

The new 44th is likely to be run by Delegate Shirley Nathan-Pulliam; State Senator Verna Jones decided recently to no longer pursue the seat. So, short of a miracle, Nathan-Pulliam will more than likely be the new Senator.

Sydnor joins Rainier Harvey for the county portion of the district, 44B.

Along with Pulliam and Harvey, Sydnor also has the backing of state Senator Delores Kelley.

A major opposition in the race is Aaron Barnett. He has the backing of retiring Delegate Emmett C. Burns.

In the past where the old 10th was in existence, Kelley, Nathan-Pulliam, Burns and Speaker Pro Tem Adrienne Jones were all together.

Sydnor said he plans on working on education, economic  and community development. He said he sees all of these issues as interrelated and is focused on working together with his colleagues for a better community. The lawyer lives in Catonsville with his wife and family, and is a member of the 10th District Democratic Club. Professionally, he works in the realm of community development.  

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